A Promise or a Good Bye!

A Promise or A good bye!!
Standing by the doorsteps,
Bidding him bye 
How hard she wanted him to stay back…
Memories lane by her mind,
Of their good times..
Her crowned heart and his pinnacle of glory,
Her fist and fingers and his clenched engagements,
Her bridge of devotedness and his zeal of ardency,
Her footprints of tenderness into his life ..
Just to make it more complete!!
But then there came the time..
where his vow for his Mother Earth was unfeigned,
Leaving her startled, shattered, splintered at midnight
And running to rescue the lives on the border…
There she was reflecting with teary eyes and blood cold,
Wishing to see him soon,
On the edge of his life who won..
His promise to his patron or her good bye!!

Meet me, Devyani Deshmukh, holding a master’s degree. coffeNwords is a platform where I am expressing myself through poems. Though they are work of fiction, they are words of my heart. Whenever I am stuck at the issue of life I run for a mug of coffee and with the coffee that tune comes into my mind. The tune that urge me to pen down myself.

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