House of Wax

And now tiz eve and you are out of sight
Itz me searching for thee in these dry runs
In this withered land I am hurting my feet
And chasing you….
I wept so hard in the room locked,
Tears left my eyes and caressed my cheeks…
Tried to fake a smile but soul dint feel the need ….
missing the times favoring us….
Once I was a girl who loved these storms
I felt alive, I loved sparks..
I loved walking on these bare unending land
And Loved when the winds blindly played with my hair…
And then I remember illusions transpire to be shattered..
feeling beheaded, betrayed , sellout, trenched……..
And now my feet sore and burnt ,
Little late though I realized house of wax is melted someday…

Meet me, Devyani Deshmukh, holding a master’s degree. coffeNwords is a platform where I am expressing myself through poems. Though they are work of fiction, they are words of my heart. Whenever I am stuck at the issue of life I run for a mug of coffee and with the coffee that tune comes into my mind. The tune that urge me to pen down myself. 

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