Like a Spring Breeze..

Like a spring breeze in the autumn,
With the freshness of quirk, in the wake of solemn.
I couldn't help but observe,
The depth in your eyes, you preserve.

The strength you possess of a thunderstorm,
With the calmness of sea, as it conforms;
To the glee of the wind, over they skim,
Over the undulating waves, they swirl and swim.

The intensity of your glance, leaves me,
Spellbound by your charm, unwilling to be set free.
I wish to behold the sight, as I gaze,
At your persona, enticing like a maze.

Hi, I am Apoorva Shukla, who loves  to paint, dance, sing and travel. I am a big foodie and usually end up writing something with a cup of coffee. Through Coffee N Words, I am sharing some of my write-ups to you all. Feel free to contact me on Facebook and like our page for more. 

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