One More Night

One more night..
Under the dusky sky and the grimy night,
moon through the gazing clouds caressed her face 
and laid the drizzles through the windowpane..
like a newborn questing the rattle..
Her soul felt the thorns of past
whilst lost in her thoughts,
the pockmarks in her eyes were vast and deep
nevertheless her heart was stale…
As the clock started ticking
And the rains made their way into the sea
Making the moon out of her sight,
Her blood was running.. body was cold..
She whose house was burnt 
Instigated the happiness in those storms.
Feeling the need.. She had her warm coat on
let the light and scalded one more cigarette
wandering aimlessly for one more night …

Meet me, Devyani Deshmukh, holding a master’s degree. coffeNwords is a platform where I am expressing myself through poems. Though they are work of fiction, they are words of my heart. Whenever I am stuck at the issue of life I run for a mug of coffee and with the coffee that tune comes into my mind. The tune that urge me to pen down myself. 

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