The Dancing Girl

The dancing girl..
On an autumn dawn,
The sun reposed the carpet of glitter,
She saw the wine grapes and chestnuts ceremonialize,
Whilst sunflower and brash scarlet enchanting the tune.
She heeded the music,
She grappled and fondled and tickled the rhythm,
Her feet were high, her toes were swirling
Her nape was swaying.
She danced to the melody of nature,
She danced with the madness, she danced in a rosiness,
She danced in the wonderland like no one is watching,
She danced for his peck in lush green fields..

Meet me, Devyani Deshmukh, holding a master’s degree. coffeNwords is a platform where I am expressing myself through poems. Though they are work of fiction, they are words of my heart. Whenever I am stuck at the issue of life I run for a mug of coffee and with the coffee that tune comes into my mind. The tune that urge me to pen down myself. 

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