What if, will you!

A termed love
What if one day I wake you up from your dream.
A dream of our beautiful love
And a dream of facade relation.
And a dream of embracing flowers.
And a dream where two hearts bloomed.
And a dream where you wished to see us in moonlight.
What if I walk past by you, whispering into your ears
That I loved you
But some roses are meant to bruise you.
That some promises are meant to be broken.
That some kohl are better in tears.
That some hearts are prominent in trouble and crick.
And that there was a lie beneath every moment we were together.
What if one day we cross each other surprisingly.
Will you still seek a shelter in me.
Will you still miss me the way you used to.
Will you still clasp me as you did in the past.
Will you be the same soul at least trying not to hold me at guilt.
Or you will guilelessly act as we are strangers again.

Meet me, Devyani Deshmukh, holding a master’s degree. coffeNwords is a platform where I am expressing myself through poems. Though they are work of fiction, they are words of my heart. Whenever I am stuck at the issue of life I run for a mug of coffee and with the coffee that tune comes into my mind. The tune that urge me to pen down myself.

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